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Energy storage solutions

Photovoltaic systems with storage, initially dedicated to isolated sites, are also used, connected to the distribution network, to regulate the frequency, ensure a “peak shaving” function, build up a reserve in order to secure distribution during climatic hazards. or to guarantee supply in the face of strong and unforeseen demand.

centrales PV

Solutions for photovoltaic power plants

KEHUA France also offers high power conversion solutions for large photovoltaic power plants for which the architectures, generally greater than 1 MW, provide for injection of the energy produced on a high voltage network.

auto conso

Self-consumption photovoltaic installation solutions

Self-consumption photovoltaic installations are generally suitable for low and medium power uses, for residential, agricultural or commercial uses.When the network is present, self-consumption allows a reduction in electricity consumption from the network. In isolated sites, they contribute to energy autonomy.